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Since 1986 we have provided millions of consumers with timely information on credit cards and other payment cards via printed survey lists, newsletters, the national news media, and the Internet. Starting 1988, we prepared the monthly comparative credit card tables for the Wall Street Journal. CardTrak was a pioneer in website technology launching its first website in September 1995 at the American Bankers Conference in New York City. CardTrak was later selected by Forbes magazine as one of the “Top 250 Financial Information Web Sites”. CardTrak is renowned for its fair and balanced reporting on credit card issues. Additionally, senior executives have testified in major litigation trials, assisted the GAO and other government agencies and legislators in preparing reports on credit card issues.

Picture of First edition of CardTrak, January 1991.

First edition of CardTrak, January 1991.

CardTrak has a long history of providing the best credit cards and payments information. We provide is honest and unbiased information about the credit cards that are available. We allow you, the consumer, to make your own decision when it comes to which cards works for your situation, personal financial budget, goals and needs. We do ask that you confirm the rates and review the terms and conditions for any credit card before you apply.

Why should you trust Starting way back in the 1980’s we began tracking and following the best credit cards and news in the industry as RAM Research Group.  In 1991 we introduced CardTrak, a monthly newsletter containing current news and the best credit cards available in the USA. We helped millions of people just like you save money on credit cards. Since then we have been conducted ten’s of thousands of interviews, featured in over 25,000 news articles, news shows and books. Over 20,000 websites link back to CardTrak, now that is some serious recognition and trust.

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