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Best Credit Cards Available Save You Money

Best Credit CardsCardTrak has a long history of providing the best credit cards and payment card information without influence from any issuer. In fact we do not accept ANY advertising dollars in order to have cards listed on our website, or to improve any listing. What do we provide is honest and unbiased information about the credit cards that are available. We allow you, the consumer, to make your own decision when it comes to which cards works for your situation, personal financial budget, goals and needs. We do ask that you confirm the rates and review the terms and conditions for any credit card before you apply.

Why should you trust Way back in the 1980’s we began tracking and following the best credit cards and news in the industry. Since then we have been sourced in ten’s of thousands of interviews, featured in over 25,000 news articles, news shows and books. To learn more about our history and to look at where we have been and more about where we are going click here.

What makes different from other websites that provide credit card information? Since we don’t receive compensation when you click a link or apply for a card through our website there is no incentive for us to provide anything other than the best credit card information. Other websites will tell you what they think is the best card for you, or may “suggest” that one credit card is better than another. Many times these other websites are paid up to $150 PER ACCOUNT they generate. As you can see, they have plenty of reasons to promote the cards that pay the most to them, not the cards that may be the best for you.

So what are you waiting for? View the best credit cards here