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SCAM Alerts!

Credit Card Scam – Send us your passwords and login information….

Have you ever opened an Email and immediately you’re concerned because it looks like you just purchased something for $1,500.00 from Ebay?  Or maybe it is an Email that says your bank, and yes it has all the right logos and links, needs you to login and update your account for “security reasons”.

CardTrak Phishing Scam Alerts

How can you identify a scam? How can you avoid having your accounts compromised? How can you be kept up to date with the most current scams going around the internet and what to watch for?

CardTrak’s  #SCAMTRAK has you covered!

This interactive section of our website allows you to browse through the scams we know about, as well as how to identify and avoid being caught and misled.  CardTrak has been following and reporting on the credit card industry for over 20 years and we have been sourced in thousand of news articles. Our executives have been expert witnesses in some of the largest court trials over the years involving Visa, Mastercard, Sears, Discover.

When you are signed up to for our newsletter,  you will be updated when we become aware of new scams.  Of your course you can come browse and search anytime you want.

You can have a share!

If you receive an Email that you think is a SCAM, please forward it to us for review.  If we find that it is, and we don’t have it in our list and we feature it, we will give you the credit and send you a Free gift for helping! (Gifts may include T-shirts, Hats, Gift Cards Etc)

Forward Suspicious Emails to: