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Show Your Support For CardTrak

CardTrak has helped millions of consumers save money, by providing them with reliable news and offers on various payment cards. Over the years we have pointed out some of the best deals, while advising about hidden fees and costs associated with other. Back in 1991 we started CardTrak as a $5 print publication. As the internet took hold, we no longer needed the $5 to cover the printing, postage and processing fee. Even though this was eliminated, there still is money needed each month to help pay for our writers, research, servers and office coffee. Even though our website is accessible without a fee, the cost to keep this website and our business running is not.

We do offer companies the ability to sponsor the CardTrak website on a monthly basis. You also get mentioned through our social media the month that you sponsor as well. This allows your company to run branding ads to help build or reinforce your company and services to our thousands of monthly visitors. The modest fee we collect helps to offset the cost of our servers, writers and research department which are privately financed each month.

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If you are interested in partnering with CardTrak to reach our audience with your product or services, complete and submit the form below. We will review your request and make sure this is a good fit for both our companies. Your company can sponsor for only $199.00 for 1 month. Your ads will be on the website 24/7 and will be clickable to your website or appropriate form.

We do have other sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year including conferences, online advertising campaigns and email newsletters.